Listening to the Next Generation >> Vasiliki

“One of the first things I told my roommate was ‘I’m Greek, and just beware…’ ”

Listening to the Next Generation >> Steve

“I can’t speak Greek at all… I was baptized Catholic… We come from a fairly strong Greek background… [but] there really aren’t that many Greeks out here in Montana.”

Listening to the Next Generation >> Maria

“My cousin put it best when she said I was Greek at heart but just happened to be born in the U.S….”

Listening to the Next Generation >> Chris

“I feel that had I lived in a place like New York or Chicago, I probably would have identified more with my Greek heritage. I probably would have gone to Greek school and been a better Greek speaker.”

Listening to the Next Generation >> Alexandra

“When we tell stories about our lifestyle, most of my friends who are not of Greek descent don’t believe me.”

Listening to the Next Generation >> Hercules

“I’m the second son, so I’m named after my mom’s dad… Girls are always like, ‘What’s your name? Hercules?’ I’m like, ‘I’m Greek.’ And they’re like, ‘Really?’ So it’s a good conversation point…”

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    Interview with Aris Baras

    In our latest “Got Greek of the Week” interview, ARIS BARAS talks about being mentored by legendary Greek American scientist Roy Vagelos, working on a dual MD/MBA degree at Duke University, being the son of immigrants – and his weak spot for loukoumades.

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    Interview with Alice Shukla

    In another installment in our series of conversations with recent graduates, we ask ALICE SHUKLA when she first said to herself ‘this is what I want to do’: “Standing in the back of the hall at the University of Cairo… watching President Obama deliver his New Beginning speech to the Muslim world in 2009.”

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    Interview with Harry Koulos

    The “Got Greek of the Week” interview with HARRY KOULOS, a senior history major at Yale University, where he also plays outfield and catcher for Yale’s varsity baseball team. Originally from Long Beach, California, Harry interned for Senator Dianne Feinstein this past summer. In our latest Got Greek of the Week interview, Harry shares his experience as an intern in Washington, DC.

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    Interview with Zoe Pagonis

    The “Got Greek of the Week” interview with ZOE PAGONIS.
    In another installment in our series of conversations with recent graduates, Got Greek meets a 22-year-old who is doing exactly what she has wanted to do since she was eight years-old: fight for what she believes in.

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  • “Opa From Greece With Love” radio show on Got Greek? survey

    Listen to a radio broadcast hosted by ZorbaTheMadGreek

  • National Student Research Study on “What Does Being Greek Mean”

    New York.- By Vicki James Yiannias from GreekNewsOnline
    Stephanie Marudas’s idea for the “Got Greek? National Student Research Study”, the first national online survey of American university students of Hellenic heritage, may have started quietly but it’s turning into “a terrific story”, says Leon Stavrou, co-founder and Executive Director of “The Next […]

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