About the National Study



Over the past year, part of my job has been to collect oral histories from Greek American students around the country. In doing so, I’ve interviewed students from one end of the country to the other. They told me stories about how their Greek ancestors immigrated to the United States and made a living. They shared what it’s like to be raised in a household where both parents are Greek, or where one parent is not. They chuckled when they explained how people who aren’t Greek always ask them if their family is really like the one in the hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. They spoke about what they’re studying in college and who they hope to become afterwards.

Overall, their stories are the fabric of a diverse tapestry that makes up the next generation of Greek Americans.

Each student in his or her interview brings something different to the table, and has done so voluntarily. I was able to contact each of the students interviewed through the generous help of Hellenic Student clubs, Modern Greek Studies professors, fellow students, parents, community organizations and churches. In most cases, I had the extraordinary privilege of meeting and interviewing students in person on their college campuses in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. In some cases, I used Skype to interview students in places I couldn’t get to, including Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon and Texas. Our goal is to interview students in every single state in the nation. So please feel free to email me and let us know if you are a student in any of the 36 states we haven’t gotten to yet. We’d love to hear your story!

In the meantime, we are working on an online archive where you’ll be able to read transcripts of all the interviews and hear what students like you have to say about their Greek heritage. Stay tuned!

Stephanie Marudas, National Research Study Director


The Next Generation National Student Research Study is the first nationwide, in-depth research study focused exclusively on college students of Greek heritage, using individual interviews, student polls, national surveys and online student forums to help the next generation tell its own story.

Launched in September of 2008, our National Student Research Study has been conducting interviews and surveys of undergraduate and graduate students of Hellenic heritage — including members of student groups on more than 45 campuses across the country — who are sharing their views and opinions on everything from food and music, and parents and professions, to family, friends and dating.

Sponsored by the Next Generation Initiative, an independent educational foundation, this ground-breaking in-depth, national study of Greek American / Greek / Hellenic students, was launched with significant support from the Zapis Charitable Foundation, along with support from the Maliotis Charitable Foundation and others.

You can sign up here to be included in the Next Generation National Research Study. Participation in this national study is open to every student of Greek heritage who is studying at a college or university in the United States. Whether you are 1/16th or 100% Greek, you are eligible to participate in this study. We want to hear from you!

By signing up as a participant, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion on a range of issues related to your heritage, share your concerns about the future, and make sure that your own views regarding your own career needs and educational interests are reflected accurately. As a registered participant, you will also have full access to the study’s ongoing poll and survey results — and will have opportunity to suggest your own questions, voice your opinions about the results, and add your own history to the study’s online archives.

Click here to see the growing network of Hellenic and Greek American student groups throughout the country who are official participants in the study. Please remember that even if you do belong to one of these groups, you still need to sign up here to participate in the study. If you would like information on how your campus group can participate — or if you would like help in starting a student group on your own campus — click here to contact our campus outreach director.